Five Benefits of Pallet Wrappers

Shipping things on pallets removes the tediousness of having to find boxes and crates into which you can fit everything. However, shipping things in boxes and crates and shipping things on pallets share another irritating factor; things falling off the pallets and out of the boxes/crates during shipping. Pallet wrappers can help. Here are five benefits of pallet wrappers.

Everything Stays on the Pallet

No matter how awkward the shape and size of things you have placed on a pallet, the pallet wrapper can still wrap it with plastic wrap and keep it all on the pallet. The wrapper starts at the base/bottom of the pallet and winds all the way around, keeping the plastic wrap tight and making adjustments for unusual shapes and sizes. The only thing you have to do is make sure nothing falls while the pallet and its load are being wrapped.

The Plastic Wrap Is Heated While Wrapping

If you are used to manually wrapping pallets, then you already know that you have to use a blow dryer to get the film to shrink tightly after you have rolled the wrap around a pallet. With a pallet wrapper, heat is applied as the wrap is applied. This eliminates the need to make the plastic wrap shrink with heat after the fact.

You No Longer Have to Manually Wrap Pallets

Park the pallet on the pallet wrapper's stand, set the roll of wrap to start, and stand back. If you have a nice, evenly-stacked pallet that is not stacked too high, you can even walk away to grab another pallet to wrap and let the pallet wrapper do its thing. The pallet wrapper wraps and heat-shrinks the film without you having to waste a second of your time.

The Pallet Wrapper Makes It Easier to Load Pallets on the Truck Too

Sometimes loading pallets stacked with stuff onto the shipping truck can be a nightmare. One or two people hold the stuff on the pallet while a third person uses a pallet jack to pull the pallet onto and into the trailer of the shipping truck. If you have a pallet wrapper, suddenly you only need one person to load and the other two people can be busy loading and wrapping pallets instead. Nothing falls or requires extra people to watch and assist the pallet load as the loading person pulls it up the loading ramp into the truck.

The Pallet Wrapper Saves Time and Money

Finally, the pallet wrapper saves time and money. All that time you usually spend in the warehouse picking up and restacking boxes and cartons on the pallet, and all the extra time of having other employees help load and unload awkwardly-imbalanced pallets can be redirected to other tasks. Suddenly, you will find that you have more time to complete more tasks during the shift.

As for money saved, you will not have to schedule overtime to complete tasks because everything is completed during the scheduled shifts. Money is not lost on lost products because the products are not accidentally destroyed or damaged in the packing, stacking, and shipping process. Additionally, you will not spend a ton on more plastic wrap on manual rolls because the pallets are expertly wrapped correctly the first time and no wrap film is wasted on pulling it off and re-wrapping pallets.

Now that you have seen the benefits of having a pallet wrapper in your warehouse, you are ready to buy one. There are several companies like Fox Packaging Services that sell these machines. Some pallet wrappers also have additional features or accessories you can buy along with the wrapper. Talk to the sales representative to see what works best for your warehouse.