Advice When Buying a Turntable Wrapping Machine for a Warehouse

Warehouse operations typically involve a lot of object wrapping. Securing them with a wrap on a pallet makes them easier to move. For this task, you'll need a turntable wrapping machine and you can buy the perfect one thanks to this key advice.

Review Platform Weight Capacity 

Turntable wrapping machines are durable and heavy-duty, but they can't support an infinite amount of weight. If you loaded more weight than what's recommended on the turntable wrapping platform, that can make it work harder and then cause regular breakdowns.

You want to look at the particular loads that will be going on the wrapping platform. After figuring out the weight totals you deal with quite frequently, you can find a turntable wrapping machine with enough weight capacity to support your wrapping operations perfectly. That's key in allowing this expensive machine to last for as long as possible.

Go With a Raised Design 

When it comes to turntable wrapping machines, you can get a low-profile or raised design. The latter is particularly advantageous because it makes it easy to load pallets onto the platform with a forklift.

The operator can easily see the raised platform and guide pallets onto the surface perfectly each time. Conversely, low-profile wrapping machines are difficult to spot for forklift operators, and then they could accidentally get too close and cause damage to the wrapping machine. Even if your forklift operators don't have a lot of experiencing loading and unloading around wrapping machines, the raised design aids operators in a major way.

Make Sure Film Is Easy to Reload

If you have a busy warehouse, then you don't want to spend a lot of time re-loading the stretch film when it runs out inside the turntable wrapping machine. This won't be a stressful task if you make sure this aspect is user-friendly. All you should have to do is unhook a latch, take out the old film's tube, and load another cartridge of stretch film in the machine. Once you have a section lined up in the correct location, you'll be ready to start wrapping objects to pallets in rapid succession. 

Turntable wrapping machines can wrap all kinds of things to pallets very quickly and safely. They're a huge benefit to have around a warehouse and if you find one with the right settings and features, you can take wrapping operations to the next level and never struggle with it again. Contact various suppliers to buy turntable wrapping equipment.