Keys To Buying Blades For Bandsaws

To give your bandsaw maximum cutting abilities long-term, you need to be very selective with the blades you purchase for it. That also makes a difference in the quality of cutting that you can provide using said instrument. This guide will ensure your bandsaw blade purchases work out now and much later.

Use Radius-Width Reference Charts

So that you're able to cut materials at the right radius, you need the right bandsaw blade width. You don't have to guess with this attribute, thankfully, because there are reference charts that save you from guesswork.

You can go to the ideal cutting radius on the chart and then see exactly what blade width can help you achieve it accurately and safely. As long as you do this with every bandsaw blade that you have to purchase, you'll always retain the right cutting capabilities.

Review Material Durability

When you use a bandsaw, you want the blade to be able to move through your materials with precision and smoothness. That will save you extra work later and help you make the most out of your bandsaw cutting equipment.

You can make easy cuts each time by looking at the durability of the materials you're cutting into. For instance, if you plan on working with more durable woods, the teeth on the blades need to be wider apart. More sensitive materials will be easier to cut when the teeth on your blades are closer together.

Make Sure Lubricant Is Readily Available

You'll have to lubricate the blade on your bandsaw in order to ensure it doesn't heat past its projected tolerances. So that you have an easy time finding the right lubricant each time to carry out these cooling activities, see which blades have lubricants that are easy to find.

The blade manufacturer will show which lubricants can be used with their products. Then you just need to find a blade that accepts a popular form of lubricant that's easy to find. You subsequently won't have to worry about searching the marketplace a long time or having to deal with prolonged wait periods because of stocking issues.

Bandsaw blades can vary quite a bit in terms of their size, materials, and teeth orientations. The best way to purchase a new blade for this machine is to think about what you're cutting and the cutting results you're looking for. Then you can refine your bandsaw blade search accordingly. 

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